Hello friends...


Isabella Martinez

Creative Visionary

My name is Isabella Martinez and I am the creator of the Heartsters: a collection of characters with heart-shaped heads and a goal to help kids around the world smile every day.


My mom, Jennifer Martinez, knew I was onto something when I started drawing heart-shaped characters at just five years old. We decided to make my dream of the Heartsters a reality through the development of a few Heartsters friends you can learn about here on our website. Our goal is to help your child deal with challenges like illness, bullying or even just having a bad day through our friendly and diverse characters.


Creating the Heartsters was not just about encouraging love, happiness, and friendship, but also a way to give back to kids battling serious illness. My family became familiar with children’s heart disease, in particular, through my own experience. 

I have a slight asthma condition that has been controllable over the years, but when taking my annual medical tests as a kid, I received a false positive result for a heart condition. Heart disease runs on my mom’s side of the family, so my parents were relieved to learn that I did not have a more serious illness after a visit to the Children’s Heart Hospital in Las Vegas. This experience triggered my mom to become actively involved with our local chapter of the American Heart Association and actively supports the annual Go Red for Women Event.  

We hope your children will enjoy getting to know the Heartsters stories, and we want to hear their stories, too. 

Thank you for your support with the launch of the Heartsters!

Yours Truly,